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Christmas Day 2021: Know About This Festival

Christmas or Big Day is the festival observed in the joy of the birthday of Jesus Christ. It falls on December 25 and this day is celebrated almost all over the world. Christmas is also starting with a 12 days celebration of Christmastide. Jesus Christ was born on the basis of the Eno-Domini period system between 7 to 2 BC.


In most countries around the world, it is celebrated on December 25. But on 24 December, the celebration associated with Germany and some other countries started on Christmas Eve. In the UK and other Commonwealth countries, the next day from Christmas, the 26th December is celebrated as Boxing Day.


In some Catholic countries, it also says St. Stephens d’or Feast of St Stephens. The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Christmas on January 6, Eastern Traditional Girija who believes in Julian calendar, according to Julian Versions, celebrates Christmas on December 25, which is more than January 7 in the Gregorian Calendar coming in the work, because these two calendars There is a difference of 13 days.


In order to give a gift to the modern Christmas holidays, the church includes functions and various decorations. This decoration includes Christmas tree, color burning rice, rumbing, birthplace and holy, etc. Santa Clause (which is also called Christmas father, although the basics are different, both are popular mythological buttons related to Christmas, which is often added to bring gifts for children. The main responsible for Santa’s modern format is the media.


Christmas celebrates all Christians and many non-Christian people all over the world. It is also celebrated as a cultural festival all over the world. During the Christmas season, exchanging gifts, decorations, and holidays during this holiday has become a major economic activity and it is a big event for retail vendors.


According to the beliefs of the Christian community, the Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in Marsh’s house. Sattatus Julius African was the first to celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25 for the first time in 221 AD. One day to say Christmas Day on this day was also when Roman people celebrated the birth of the sun on December 25 during the winter Soulstice.


Christmas is not only considered an important festival in religious ways, but it is also a cultural perspective. On this day, gifts are given to the other, and love and happiness are used. Some things make it more freshcifies to the Christmas festival.

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