INDIAN Army Day 2022

The 15th day of December is a very important day for the Indian Army and the whole country. This day is celebrated as Indian Army Day. The Indian Army will celebrate its 74th Army Day on January 15, 2022.


On this day, in 1949, Field Marshal KM Kariyappa took command of the Indian Army from General Francis Buchar. Francis Bucher was the last British commander in Chief of India. At the same time, after the command, Field Marshal KM Kariyappa became the first commander of the Indian Army.


In the last substitute of the Indian Commander of the Indian Army, celebrated every year, this day is celebrated as ‘Army Day’. On this day, Military Parade, military exhibitions, and other programs are organized in New Delhi and also in all army headquarters in which the whole country remembers the unmatory courage, the hero, and their policies.

The Indian Army was formed in 1776 in the East India Company in Kolkata. The British Commander was captured before the country’s independence by this army. In 1947, when the country was independent, the Indian Army President was only of British origin.


About 2 years later, on January 15, 1949, independent India’s last British Commander in Chief General Francis Bucher, gave the command to Lieutenant General M. Kariyappa. Thus he became the first Indian military commander of free India. It is one of the most important events of India’s history. Therefore, on January 15, Indian Army Day is celebrated every year.

A motive to celebrate Army Day is also to remember all the martyrs who have sacrificed their life in the country and to salute those soldiers who are engaged in the service of the country.

•   History of the Indian Army:-

1- The East India Company had constituted the Indian Army in Kolkata in 1776, then the number of British in the army was more and more Indians, that at the time the Indians were not kept in the post office.


2- When Lieutenant General Kariyappa became the head of the army, there were about 2 lakh soldiers in the Indian Army. At the same time, there are about 12,00,255 active soldiers in the Indian Army.

3- In today’s time, the Indian Army is the world’s third-largest military recycling. At the same time, the UN Peacekeeping Force, today has the most soldiers of the Indian Army every year.

4- Today, there are 53 cantonments and nine army bases in the country. Indian Military Engineering Services is the largest manufacturer company in India.


5 – Indian Army’s Assam Rifles is the oldest paramilitary force, whose setup was established in 1835.

6- The guards that are engaged in the office of the president, are the oldest regiment of the Regiment Army and remain in the Rashtrapati.

7- The Indian Army controls the highest battlefield Siachen glacier. The Indian Army has an external center in Tajikistan. – The millennia of the Indian army is ‘Service Before Self. India has the world’s largest volunteer army (reserved soldiers), which is about 9,90,960.


On this day several programs are organized from place to place. Although the programs of power performance in the corner of the country are also organized in Delhi.

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