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Indian Navy Day 2021: Know History

Indian history has been filled with incidents of attacks from the Northwest. But the maritime range of India is enormous, and the importance of the Indian Navy in today’s international scenario has become more sensitive and sensitive. Navy Day is celebrated on December 4 is not only the anniversary of a historical event but also the day to see the Navy from the proper perspective.


Indian Navy has its history. The importance of the Navy has been increasing for the past few times. International expansion policies and activities of China have increased the importance of the Indian Navy. In the Indian Pak War of 1971, the Indian Navy played the primary role in kneeling in Pakistan. Due to the war, the country celebrates Navy Day every year.

When 1971 was rusty between India and Pakistan for the salvation of Bangladesh. In the event of that war, the Indian Navy had destroyed the Karachi Navy racy base of Pakistan on the date of the war. The day of his success is celebrated as Indian Navy Day.

Navy Day Quotes:

From sea to sand, I worship this land of birth! I salute men in white. Happy Indian Navy Day.

We are safe as our Navy is ready to protect us every moment. Greetings and best wishes to our Navy on Indian Navy Day.

The Indian Navy is considered the maritime branch of the Armed Forces. Its leadership of Navy Commander in Chief and India’s President. Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle in the 17th century is considered the ‘Parents’ of the Indian Navy.


In 2021, the winning of the war of 1971 is the Golden Jubilee. For this time, this day is celebrated as the Indian Navy Golden Vijay year. The Indian Navy established the East India Company had in 1612, which was later named Royal Indian Navy, and after independence, it was named the Indian Navy in 1950.

Know About Indian Navy :

  • The Navy’s world rank is four
  • Total No. of Ships: 285
  • Number of Submarines:17
  • Number of Surveillance Ships:139
  • Frigates- 13
  • Destroyer – 10
  • corvettes – 23

An operation was launched to give Pakistan an answer in their own words. It was named ‘Operation Trident. The Navy then started targeting the headquarters located in Karachi. The first anti-ship missile was on the ship for the first time.

Many attacks of Pakistan were predicted in this attack. On this day, all the express their art to express their love and respect to the entire nation.

Types Of Ship In Indian Navy:


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